Hales Corners

Village of Hales Corners, Wisconsin

Water Friendly Lawn Care Tips

To Prevent Floods and Keep Stormwater Clean...

  • Compost yard waste and vegetable scraps from the kitchen to save on fertilizer.
  • Plant natural areas instead of grass.  Trees, shrubs, and ground covers encourage more water to soak into the ground.
  • Install a rain garden to temporarily store rain water.  See the Village's rain garden for more details.
  • Install a rain barrel under your downspouts to hold rainwater on your lot.  Use this chlorine-free water for the plants in your garden.  For more information, visit the MMDS website.
  • Do a soil test to confirm that your yard actually needs additional fertilizer.  Contact the Wisconsin State Soil Lab at 608-262-4364.
  • Use zero or low phosphorus fertilizers and avoid spreading dry granules on sidewalks or driveways.
  • Never pour anything except water down a storm sewer, because whatever goes down a storm sewer is headed toward Lake Michigan, otherwise known as drinking water.
  • Minimize use of de-icing materials on sidewalks and driveways.  Mixing playground-type sand with your de-icing product will reduce the amount of salt you spread.  Do not use fertilizer to melt ice.
  • Keep your car tuned up and fix any oil or other fluid leaks.
  • Dispose of pet waste by flushing down the toilet, burying, or bagging and tossing in the trash.
  • Share these tips with your friends and neighbors so your efforts add up when it comes to controlling stormwater.