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Hales Corners
Village of Hales Corners, Wisconsin

Inspection Department
Village of Hales Corners Building Inspection
5635 S. New Berlin Road
Hales Corners, WI 53130
Inspection Dept: (414) 529-6160
Schedule Inspections with Safebuilt directly at (262) 346-4575
FAX: (414) 529-6179
Safebuilt FAX: (262) 544-8299

SafeBuilt-Building Inspection Services Monday - Friday Call (262) 346-4575 to Schedule Inspections (All inspections must be scheduled by 4:00 pm for next business day inspections). No Same Day Inspections. No Scheduling will be done through the Village Hall.
Residential Building Inspector: Corry Eifert
Commercial Building Inspector: Martin Montoya
For general inquires, visit or email Safebuilt at


To view your Property Lines on the Milwaukee County Land Map, click here.

   For Zoning, Setbacks and Sign regulations check out our Planning & Zoning Department.

Plan Review is 5 business days minimum for Residential and 10 business days for Commercial-please plan accordingly. Electronic form is preferred for Plan Review and submit to Fee must be submitted to Village of Hales Corners and a paid receipt submitted to Safebuilt with plans.


The Inspection Department issues permits and conducts inspections to protect the property and personal safety of property owners and their neighbors.  It assures that necessary and appropriate standards are met regarding the quality and safety of new construction and improvements in the Village. The Village of Hales Corners is contracted with Safebuilt for Inspection Services. See below for permit information. 





Permits are not necessary for the following:

Gutters, trim, fascia, soffits, downspouts, replacement windows/doors of the same size, storm door. Driveways, patios and sidewalks - if a change in grade DPW needs to be notified. Replacing steps exactly as they are. Foundation work such as water proofing of drain tile-only structural changes need a permit. Membrane of tar roofing.
Permits are required and need Building Board approval:
Garages, sheds/accessory buildings, gazebos
Satellite dish on ground
Decks if 2' or more above grade at any point
Please see Building Board for more information. 
Permits required with Inspector approval:
Siding -No final inspection required.
Re-roofing (2 layers allowed) (3 layers allowed with engineering report)-No final inspection required.
Replacing Building Signs
Building Board approval required for structural changes, additions exit changes or fire resistance.
Interior remodeling reviewed by Inspector. Existing Kitchen/Bathroom remodels do not require permits if you are just swapping out fixtures/cabinets in the same location; then only need to pull Plumbing and Electrical Permits. If you are removing soffits or walls, you must pull a building permit as well and show calculations for truss calcs or beams.
Fireplaces must be U.L. listed and installed according to their specifications and require a permit.

Attached Document or FileCHAPTER 3-Building Code  
Attached Document or FileCHAPTER 18-Housing  
Attached Document or FileCHAPTER 20-Comm Ext Maint  
Chapter 8 - Zoning Code

Accessory Building Requirements

All sheds/garages require building board approval unless it is a replacement of a previously approved structure building board. In this case then only a review from the Building Inspector is neccessary.

Basement Rec Room Requirements

Recent Ordinance Changes/Additions

Building Board Packet & Information

The Building Board meets the 3rd Thursday of the month at 6:30pm at Village Hall, as needed. Applications and a $50 fee must be submitted 15 business days prior to the meeting with a completed Addendum Form/Checklist (3 copies) in order for proper review and publication prior to the meeting. Incomplete applications will not be accepted. Note: Architectural plans require electronic format submittal. Click the link for a Building Board information.

Please see Fence, Deck, Pools, and Accessory Structure informational sheets on the main Building Inspection page.

Building Permit Application

Cautionary Statement

Complaint Form

Deck Requirements
Decks up to 2ft from grade to top of deck platform do not require a permit.

DNR Well Abandonment Form

A plumbing permit and proper DNR form is to be filed with the Village Hall for any property at which the well is abandoned.

The Plumbing Inspector is to perform the inspection at the time of the well being filled.

Egress Window Requirements

Electrical Permit Application

Erosion Control Permit

Fence Requirements
A permit from the Building Inspector shall be required for the construction or erection of any fence in excess of forty-eight(48) inches in height.

All fences erected in the front setback and side street setbacks (for corner lots) require a permit regardless of height.

Fences 4(four) feet and under can be placed up to the property line.

A 5(five) foot fence must be set 1(one) foot off the property line.

A 6(six) foot fence must be set 2(two) feet off the property line.

The finished side MUST face outward. 

All fences requiring a building permit require building board approval, unless you are replacing an exisiting fence previously approved by the Building Board.

Fill Permit Application

Footing Recertification

Home Loan Repair Program

HVAC Permit Application

Occupancy Permit Application
An Occupancy Permit Application is required when you establish your business or organization in a new or existing building, for new residential construction, and special instances as required by the building inspection department. The occupancy application requires a team of inspectors to inspect the premises you wish to occupy. Re-inspections and additional fees may be required. The Occupancy Permit Certificate needs to be issued before you can occupy the space and/or open your business. Click link to view Occupancy Information and Procedures.

Permit Fee Schedule

Plumbing Permit Application

Sign Permit Application
For detailed requirements visit our Planning & Zoning Department's page.

State Plan Review Flyer

State Plan Review Fee Schedule

Swimming Pool Requirements

Tenant Change Form

Code Enforcement

State Plan Review

5635 S. New Berlin Road, Hales Corners, WI 53130 (414) 529-6161